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Reverend Harold W Orr Jr MD-Pastor
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If you can not attend church in person you can attend online.

Watch our live stream sermons every Sunday at 11 am PST.

You can join us from anywhere in the world.

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Now more than ever our community needs those of us who can to give back.

Our seniors need to be checked and our children need structure.

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Your donations go toward helping to do the lords work.

With the support of our constituency our mission will never be able to happen.


Greater El Bethel Missionary
Baptist Church
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Reverend Harold W Orr Jr. MD, Pastor

God Loves You and So Do We


 Our Mission & Vision

At Greater El Bethel Baptist our vision and mission is to help connect people

to faith

“The Reverend Harold W Orr Jr. MD” is our leader in faith. He has been guiding us since 2015

Latest Message

Always have faith, the Lord is our shepherd.

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Sunday & Wednesday


Greater El Bethel’s

Prayer Line

Call (205) 825-9258

To Join Us in Prayer

Every Monday & Wednesday

At: 1:00 pm ~ PT

       2:00 pm ~ MT

                  3:00 pm ~ Central     

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Reverend Harold W Orr Jr. MD, Pastor

God Loves You  and So Do We !

Admission.Acceptance. Redemption . Restoration .

No matter where you are in life’s journey the Lord is ready to help you reach the goals he has for you. Join us in celebrating the word and moving your soul to new heights.

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We Gather Every Wednesday & Sunday

Prayer Service

Wednesday 6:30-7pm 

Bible Studies 

Wednesday 7-8 pm

Sunday School 

Sundays 9:30-10:30am

Worship Service 

Sundays 11am–1pm 



Join Us in Study

Sunday bible school or Wednesday bible study are available to those looking to strengthen their understanding of the word of Christ.

Online Church Service

You don’t have to leave to the comfort of your home to join us in the praise of God. We will be broadcasting sermons live for you to join. Questions and answers will follow.

Community Outreach

Help us reach out to the community in times of crisis. We are here to help and it is our duty. Join us in doing Gods work and making the community a better place.